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Toro, reflejo del universo cósmico

Bull, reflection of the cosmic universe

Stories, traditions and a hidden mystical vision are reflected through symbols that emerge from the best of our cultures, achieving a connection between humans and their ancestors in today's world.

For the Wixárika culture, the bull stands out as one of its most sacred animals, since it is necessary to resort to them when you want to succeed in personal enrichment or in gratitude for it.

According to the legend of the bull, it relates that these animals were sacrificed since they were considered the main offerings to feed the gods, who in return give them rain, germination and flowering.

One of the most popular celebrations in the Huichol culture is the annual fiesta of the bull, for two days and two nights, in which the animal is ritually sacrificed and eaten by the entire community in an effort to absorb its life force. On the first night they listen to the songs of the Mara'akame until dawn, where the animal is sacrificed. On the second night, the Mara'kame sings its songs again and at dawn, processions and dances begin. On some occasions the bull festival is combined with other ritual celebrations, making it even bigger.

These animals reflect essential elements of the cosmic universe, being a form of representation of the same ancestors that have the purpose of restoring the forces of nature that they symbolize. Forming a part of the inheritance of their ancestors and the correct functioning of the universe will depend on this.

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