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Our Commitment

Since our creation, Morena Corazón has sought to publicize the art of the Wixárika people, generating jobs for the artisans of Nayarit and Jalisco.
Over time, we have discovered that we want and can do much more.
- We want the artisans and artisans with whom we work to have enough income to feed their family well, have a decent house to live in, take their sons and daughters to school, take care of their health in the best way, and a long and so on.
- We want to make sure that we pay fair prices to artisans, and that we have ethical business practices, from start to finish.
- We want the communities where the artisans live to be safe places, with basic services covered, with opportunities for girls and women.
- We want to take care of the Earth, reducing our impact on the ecosystems where our supplies come from, and eliminating waste in our production, marketing and distribution processes.
- We want to be able to measure our impact and then communicate it with absolute transparency.
- We want to contribute to transforming the fashion industry that generates so much poverty and pollution in the world.
Thus, in October 2020, we made the commitment to become an Ethical Brand. We are taking the necessary steps to make what we dream of happen. We know it will be a long road that will force us to think outside the box. For this reason, we have been accompanied by Acción Rizósfera, a consultancy specialized in generating healthy bonds of mutual care between companies, communities and ecosystems.
Very soon we will be sharing with you our achievements.