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Frequently Asked Questions Wholesale


What are the wholesale discounts?
The wholesale discounts that we handle are:

35% discount above 25 pieces and 45% discount after 50 pieces for jewelry and textiles.
Do you have a parts catalogue?
In the following league you can find the catalogs of our designs.
For the Chakras and Chaos Magic collections, the available designs are the same ones you can find from our online store.
*Our designs are unique, so the images found in the catalogs are representative of the models we handle. Colors vary based on availability.
If I want to repurchase parts, is it necessary to repurchase a wholesale package?
Once you make your first purchase and we determine the discount, it will be respected for future purchases, as long as you purchase pieces every two months maximum.
What does my wholesale package include?
Wholesale packages are assembled in conjunction with our sales staff, so it is sent with your authorization.
Each package includes the pieces already selected, as well as the meaning card as appropriate for each piece, as well as the corresponding velvet bag for better conservation.
How do I select my wholesale package?
For the selection of the pieces, it is necessary that you send an email to with the following information: Name, Address, Where would you distribute the brand?, Telephone number/Whats app
To later share the model selection format. Once you have the models you want to purchase, our team shares photos of the colors available via whats app, so that together you can put together your package.
Do you have wholesale sales abroad? How it is handeled? Discounts and policies for international sales are the same as for national sales.
Regarding the cost of your shipment, it depends on the number of pieces you choose, as well as the taxes to be paid and under your prior authorization, we proceed with your shipment.
Can I mix pieces or must they be from the same model?
To complete a wholesale package, you select the models that you like the most.
Each package can be assembled with pieces from all our collections, however, at the time of quoting, the discount for each piece will depend on the collection to which it belongs and its respective discount policies.
Can I use brand material to promote my sales?
Once you have purchased your wholesale package, you can ask us for brand material to promote the pieces without problem.
Similarly, if you have a physical location for the sale of our designs, we can add you as one of our official points of sale on our website.
What are the exchange and return policies in wholesale sales?
Changes or returns are not accepted in wholesale sales.
Do the parts have a guarantee?
All our designs have a 30-day factory defect warranty after purchase.
What is the delivery time of my wholesale package?
Once the package has been authorized by you, and payment confirmed, we proceed to make the shipment. In domestic shipments, the approximate time you receive your package is 3 to 4 business days, while in the case of international shipments, the time is approximately 7 to 15 business days.
NOTE: Delivery time subject to the availability of parts.