1. Retail purchasing refers to a sale from 1  to 24 jewelry pieces ,  in the textile (clothing apparel)  case is from  1  to 14 pieces  and a maximum of  two  sculptures.
  2. All products will be quoted at current list price.
  3. The quote will be honored for a maximum of 90 working days.   
  4. Facebook and lnstagram purchases.
  1. Customer is responsible  for  providing proof  of  purchase along  with courier cost   emailing , giving  reference  to  their  purchase order.

If an invoice is required the client must submit his/her invoicing information to the email mentioned above within a 5 day maximum period of time.

  1.   All invoices will be issued by the management once the payment has been received and registered.
  2. National purchases usually  have a  3 or  10  working  days delivery time, in case  there isn’t a specific piece in  inventory and  such manufacture has   a possibility to be  met  the  client/ the customer  will  be  notified  via  email.   There will be    30 day maximum  from  purchase  confirmation date .
  1. Once the package has been sent, the customer will be notified.
  1. Abroad packages/shipments are subject to Morena’s Corazon courier companies and Customs duty along with their politics.
  1. All foreigner customers are responsible for their corresponding customs duty payment.
  1. Morena Corazon is not responsible for lost or damaged   merchandise.  Once  the courier company   has  picked  up  the merchandise, Morena  Corazon  is  no  longer  responsible  for  any  loss or  damage therefore  we  suggest the client to acquire  a shipment insurance policy 
  1.   Sculpture  purchases:
  1. Customer is responsible for buying an insurance policy from the courier /shipping company for the sculpture total cost.    
  1. Every piece will have its corresponding collection counter.  (package)
  2. Morena Corazon accepts the following payment methods.
  1. Online purchase:   Visa, MasterCard, American Express credit cards.
  2. Pay Pal or direct payment in Oxxo retail stores.

Applicable Wholesaler payment purchase and payment policy.

  1. Interested individuals  who  would  like  to purchase at  wholesale Morena Corazon  products shall contact us at
  2. Wholesale purchase refers to/must be a minimum of 25 pieces and up, as per   jewelry the minimum is 15 pieces and up and sculptures from 3 and on.
  3. Morena Corazon reserves the right to authorize its wholesale clients.
  4. Once the applications  has been accepted ,  the interested party shall/must sign a brand name contract in  order  for the established clauses be  respected accordingly
  5. All  orders  must  be  elaborated in a Morena Corazon purchase order form which will be  forwarded  by the client  to 
  6. All products will be quoted based on the current wholesale list price.
  7. Morena’s Corazon quotes have a 45 working days validation.  
  8. All orders must have a 50% deposit from its total amount in order to be confirmed. Clients have to send  their receipts /either scanned or digital  proof  of  purchase to
  9. Once payments  are  received  by accounts receivable  the management  will issue invoices,
  10. National purchases  usually have  a delivery time  of  20  to 45 working  days, in  case  the unit/piece does not  exist in inventory and  manufacture  is  possible  the maximum period of time will  be  60 days from the purchase confirmed date by  where  Morena Corazon will  email the client .
  11. When shipment has been sent the client will be notified.
  12. Abroad shipments are subject to the courier company delivery time as well as customs requirements.
  13. Purchases done by foreigners,   the client will assume all shipment and custom duty fees correspondingly.
  14. Morena Coranzon is not responsible for loss nor   merchandise once delivered to the courier company.  We suggest the client to purchase a shipment insurance policy.
  15. Sculpture purchases.   The client must purchase an insurance policy for the total cost of such pieces/sculptures/pieces.
  16. Each piece will have its collection counter/package.
  17. Morena’s Corazon payment acceptance is either Pay Pal or through a bank transference.


  1. Morena Corazon does not give refunds nor accepts merchandise returns however it does exchange merchandise as long as the merchandise is in excellent/perfect conditions.   
  2. All exchanges must be within 30 days of the retail client’s purchase.
  3. Purchased merchandise on line has no refund allowance. Prohibited to refund on merchandise purchased on line.
  4. Wholesalers do not qualify for refunds nor exchange.  We do not exchange nor refund wholesalers.
  5. Any piece/merchandise that requires exchange must have its label, receipt, or invoice.
  6. If the merchandise is a gift, such must be in its original package along with its gift card.
  7. Exchanges are only accepted/applied at the point of purchase where the unit was bought/purchased /acquired at.
  8. In  case  there’s not  a point  of  sale nearby/close by the  client must contact us at


  1. Morena Corazon is an innovator brand that can work/manufacture/help and collaborate with special clients without involving units/pieces assembly.
  2. A special order is a unit/piece that is specially made and developed based on the clients’ specifications according to Morena’s Corazon quality.
  3. Special orders  require  previous contact with Morena’s Corazon General Manager at
  4. If the application is  approved by the General Management  a 50% deposit of  the  total invoice must  be  made  by the client in order to guarantee  the  pieces manufacture  the second other part  or   50% of  the total invoice in addition to shipping fees( including  insurance ) which  shall  be  covered/paid  prior to shipment. The delivery time will be between 30 and 90 working days.
  5. Customs duty fees should be covered by the client when applicable.
  6. There is no   exchange nor refunds   on special orders.
  7. Each single piece will be delivered in its corresponding package.
  8. We will notify the client the courier’s cost once the product is finished.



  1. The use of printed or digitalized material not authorized by Morena’s Corazon marketing department   is strictly prohibited in social networks.
  2. Morena Corazon prohibits the use of its copies and digitalized images for personal use.

Recommended care

Morena’s Corazon pieces are handcrafted with the highest and finest quality materials and that is why we highly suggest for you   to follow our recommendations.

  1. Avoid contact with water, substances  which contain chemicals such as (perfumes, lotions, or sprays)
  2. Do not expose to the sun.
  3. Do not use jewelry cleaners.
  4. Clean with a fine soft cloth or flannel when dusting is necessary.
  5. Keep products in safe dark dry place in its original package or sealable bag to avoid contact with other objects.
  6. Avoid dropping the product since the material which our pieces are handcrafted with are made of crystal and may break.