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Find out how much time an artisan spends making each of our designs

November 2020 | Isabel Carrillo

Through each design, Morena Corazón seeks to transmit something that goes beyond a piece. Culture, tradition and the personal style of the craftsman are intangible elements but at the same time very present in our designs.

For us, it is not only about creating small works of art that reflect the identity of the peoples of Mexico, but each piece, however small it may be, is full of the soul and heart of the artisans who proudly collaborate with the brand to generate an avant-garde proposal but at the same time loaded with meaning.

So do you really know the great work that goes into each piece?

The heart, a symbol of love where life and feelings reside, is one of the designs that requires the most dedication. From the smallest with 4 hours invested per piece, to the large hearts, which can require up to 12 hours of work where the artisan shapes his identity.

On the other hand, a bull or deer demands a job of between 8 and 9 hours on average, thus demonstrating once again the value of the dedication that is reflected in each piece.

An eye of God represents by itself a great symbolism for the Wixárika culture, however, the elaboration of this piece comes to have a elaboration time of up to 7 hours.

Thus, the pieces that require the most time invested are the sculptures, which even take up to 3 weeks to complete, since each bead is placed one by one, this being a great craft work that represents our Mexican culture.

This is why, from 1 hour, up to 12 hours or even weeks, the artisan work carried out not only by the Wixárika indigenous people but also by all the people who dedicate themselves to this great work, has great national and cultural value, since the effort and invested time is reflected in the beauty that each piece transmits and that, in this way, demonstrates what Mexican art is.

through our online store you can find all the designs in which, in collaboration with Morena Corazón, the artisans capture soul, life and years of tradition and culture in each piece.

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